About The Company

ALM Turbine, Inc.  is a gas turbine engine technology development and commercialization company, which has achieved a number of significant and disruptive technological break-throughs in gas turbine engine and combustion technology. 

ALM has developed an advanced trapped vortex combustor ("TVC"), which for most installed gas turbines, can achieve NOx emissions that are less than 2 ppm and CO emissions that are less than 5 ppm, with zero particulates, from 50% to 100% load and less than 1 ppm Nox and between 7.5 ppm and 12 ppm CO from 10 to 50% load with zero particulates. These ultra low emission levels were achieved with both natural gas and liquid fuel. The main characteristic of ALM's Trapped Vortex Combustor is that ALM achieved a breakthrough in combustion stability which permits the burning of ultra lean fuel mixtures. ALM's combustor can operate at equivalence ratios as low as .3 compared to .5 with DLN. A second important characteristic is that ALM's Trapped Vortex Combustor has lower combustor pressure losses, compared to DLN technology, which improves overall turbine efficiency and reduces fuel consumption by a minimum of 2%.

ALM was the world's first company to successfully incorporate, test and validate a Trapped Vortex Combustor (TVC) in a turbine. ALM successfully retrofited a Trapped Vortex Combustor in a Sunstrand T-62 turbine. The company also successfully rig tested a Trapped Vortex Combustor (TVC) for an 85 MW GE 7E turbine, achieving less than 2 ppm NOx and less than 2 ppm CO.  

ALM is targeting the gas turbine retrofit aftermarket, which is being driven by new, more stringent emission regulations and the need for more fuel efficient parts and technologies. ALM's Trapped Vortex Combustor is multi-fuel flexible and like all TVC are ideally suited to burn low BTU fuels. ALM's combustor is hydrogen and syngas ready at extremely low emission levels.    

Our Mission

To commercialize ALM's advanced Trapped Vortex combustor technology -- the most advanced combustion technology available -- for both large industrial turbines and microturbines. 

ALM is seeking utility and IPP companies to jointly commercialize ALM's proprietary TVC technology.

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